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Client Case Study

Leslie had Ultrasonic Liposuction on her stomach and inner thigh, but only lost ¾ inch after her first visit. She then lost 2½ inches after her 2nd visit, before losing 16 inches in total over the course of her therapy.


The clinic focused on Ultrasonic Liposuction on Leslie’s inner thigh and stomach once a week (1 session on each area) for 6 weeks. After her 1st session Leslie ate take away food on 4 of the evenings, as well as drinking too much alcohol most nights. This resulted in slow progress.

However, after only losing ¾ inch in week 1, Leslie decided to drink a little more moderately, ate more balanced meals and as a result she then lost 2½ inches between her 2nd & 3rd treatments. Leslie then resolved to adjust her lifestyle, she started eating and drinking in moderation, while making an effort to be more active generally. Leslie went on to lose 16 inches in total over her course which took in 12 sessions each on her stomach & inner thighs.

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Why Ultrasonic Liposuction was Needed

Leslie has a demanding job which lead to her having a poor diet of take away food and alcohol, with little activity in her daily life due to a lack of time. Leslie arrived for her first session as a size 16, standing at 5’ 6” tall.

Where she is now

before and afterOn achieving her target size and shape, Leslie had lost 16 inches from her stomach and inner thigh.

After completing her course and armed with her improved lifestyle and body shape Leslie felt inspired to take up exercise. She began walking 3 evenings a week and therefore needed no more sessions to maintain her new size and shape.

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